Les chaussettes pour mocassins

Socks for moccasins

THE  socks for moccasins allow a comfort that many people wrongly do without. Being barefoot in boat shoes or moccasins is aesthetically pleas...

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Les chaussettes hautes ou mi-bas

High or knee-high socks

The sock: a garment often neglected or even forgotten, wrongly. In the same way that well-chosen high socks highlight a new pair of shoes, making ...

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Chaussettes en vigogne

Vicuña socks

Mes Chaussettes rouge is proud to now offer you those which are often presented as the best socks in the world. Because they are not only the mo...

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Les chaussettes en cachemire

Cashmere socks

Cashmere socks are a delicious luxury. Both warm and soft, they have many attractions and fans are not mistaken. The best cashmere socks contain a...

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