From socks to masks - May 2020 mailing editorial

Dear friends, dear customers,

We take up the pen in this masked France. Far from the Venice carnival or Marie-Antoinette's balls, our masks, however bare, have never been so heavy to wear. We would like to pay tribute to the late Mario Bresciani, the founder of Bresciani, whom we had the chance to meet twice. He was able to create a globally recognized company and above all he leaves a remarkable family with whom we enjoy working.

It's now May, and we're still not doing what we want: the virus is still rampant. It reduced our sales by 50% at the start of confinement, but they are already picking up. We are therefore neither to be pitied nor envied. And the temporary closure of the Italian workshops has not penalized us, since despite the recommendations of our accountant year after year, we have always had a taste for well-stocked stocks.

The store has just reopened. We try to implement the strictest possible protocol, especially since our activity lends itself well to it:
- our store is big and we have more square meters than customers at the same time. Distancing was already the norm.
- hydro-alcoholic gel is available. Use it plenty of it, it temporarily replaces coffee: it's not as good, but it's less staining.
- a home-knitted cotton mask will be offered to each customer in store today. Thanks to our machine, whose versatility we did not suspect, we hope to become the largest producer of masks in Paris: more than 1000 per week! It is possible to add a filter inside, since the mask is tubular like a sock. Never before had we thumbed our noses at the disease.

Finally, confinement was an opportunity to make changes to improve navigation on the site. Do not hesitate to share your comments with us, they are valuable to us!

See you soon,

Jacques and Vincent

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