Doubts about invisible socks? - July 2020 mailing editorial

Dear friends, dear customers,

“We will not wake up, after confinement, in a new world; it will be the same, only a little worse”
This is the laughing prophecy of Houellebecq, who sees in the strengthening of teleworking one of the manifestations of “the obsolescence of human relations”.

What does this have to do with socks?

Let's be honest, it's also for others that we dress. We know that you are not one of those who take advantage of being alone to work in scantily clad clothes, cross-legged on a sofa. But being impeccable becomes less necessary and loosening of the tie knot is almost universal on Zoom; to the point of sometimes arousing teasing when one retains the taste for a dapper look. The janissaries of the god Sloth, curled up in cozy jogging suits, criticize others (you) for simply remaining well-groomed.

We estimate that we have 5 to 10 years to anticipate this slow but significant trend, and adapt to the relaxation of remote work. Without compromising on the pleasure of everyday elegance. Here are 3 new ranges which, in the current state of science and arts, best combine comfort and style, so that you remain elegant in your home:
- Socks without elastic for those who live since confinement as an alienation of any form of compression (Available in 10 days).
- Cotton voile socks for those looking for the lightest socks in the world. A reissue of socks very fashionable at cocktail parties in the 1920s. Disconcerting at first glance, we only remember the lightness afterwards (Available in 10 days).
- Sports socks to be able to walk all the trails of freedom.
Finally, we are happy to announce a partnership with the magnificent boutique of the Luca brothers (Camps - de Luca) which has just opened its doors: this brand becomes the first distributor of our Mazarin socks on the right bank of Paris. More precisely rue des Pyramides where half a century of great measure contemplates them.

Good summer,
Jacques and Vincent

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