Yellow socks

# How should I wear this colour ?

Yellow socks can bring a splash or originality to your outfits and go very well with navy trousers and suede shoes.

Intensely bright, they can be difficult to wear and combine with other items of clothing. This is not entirely true. Yellow Cotton Lisle socks are perfect for a colourful summer look. Yellow cashmere wool socks are perfect for casual or sporty winter outfits.

# What does this colour say about you ?

Yellow is certainly not a banal colour. Yellow knee-highs are nonetheless suitable for colourful and daring amateurs. Yellow socks go well with lighter colours, with brown suede shoes or jeans for example. You can also choose to contrast them with black shoes. If you do decide to try a pair of yellow socks, you may be interested to know that the very elegant Maurice Chevalier was also partial to yellow socks.

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