# The color blue

Blue socks are a must-have in a sock drawer. Blue, and particularly navy blue, is an easy-to-wear neutral color, which blends easily with clothing of all types of colors, solid or patterned (brown, gray, green, red, etc.). It is also the favorite color of no less than 80% of Europeans.

# How to wear blue socks?

If you want to add a little light to your outfits without daring to use too pronounced colors, try midnight blue socks, slightly brighter than navy, or even royal blue. To make a clear contrast with dark colors, dare to use sky blue which will add shine to your dark outfits.

Navy blue socks have several facets: they dress up your formal outfits and appear more casual when worn with sneakers!

# Restore originality to blue socks

By playing with patterns! Make no mistake, blue socks are not monotonous. We offer less than 187 pairs of blue socks including patterned socks. Colorful ribs (brown, green, red, or even orange), caviar (red, pink, burgundy), houndstooth (beige, red) are all possibilities to bring out the blue and bring a touch of fantasy to your outfits.

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