Blue socks

# Blue

Blue socks are absolute must-haves in your sock drawer. Blue, and especially navy blue, is an easy colour to wear and blends in well with clothing of all different colours, both plain and patterned (brown, grey, green, red etc). It’s also the favourite colour of no less than 80% of Europeans!

# When to wear blue socks?

If you want to brighten up your outfits without resorting to very bold colours, try our night blue socks; these socks are slightly brighter than navy and even royal blues. To add a splash of colour and contrast to darker hues, try wearing our sky-blue socks which will breathe life into your darker outfits.

Navy blue socks can be worn in a variety of ways: they’ll compliment your more formal outfits but will equally look casual and comfortable with trainers.

# How can I be original with blue socks?

By playing around with patterns! Make no mistake, blue socks are not monotonous. Well, they don’t have to be; we offer in excess of 187 pairs of blue socks, including many patterned socks. We offer patterns such as coloured ribbing (in brown, green, red or even orange), birdseye (in red, pink and burgundy), and houndstooth (in beige and red). Among others, these patterns will allow you the bring out the best of blue and add some creativity to your outfits.

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