Sea Island Cotton

# What is Sea Island cotton?

Sea Island cotton is an extremely rare strain of cotton that only grows in the West Indies due to its unique local climate. The Sea Island strain stands out from the larger cotton family as it produces longer fibres and therefore a higher-quality product. Sea Island Cotton is so rare that it only represents 0.004% of global cotton production.

# Sea Island cotton features and care

What cashmere is to wool, Sea Island cotton is to regular cotton. Socks made from Sea Island cotton are particularly smooth and silky; you’d be hard pressed to find a more comfortable and thin material. In short, they are the perfect socks to wear with city shoes. But be careful, once you try them, you’ll never go back! 

As Sea Island socks are fairly delicate, they do need some special care: machine wash them on the wool setting at a low temperature with a low spin rate to protect the softness of the material. 


# A renowned material

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (1837-1901) demanded that her handkerchiefs be made from Sea Island cotton. Popularised by such an influential character, the Caribbean cotton has been revered ever since. More recently Britain’s most famous and best-dressed spy, James Bond, has appeared in clothes and underwear made from Sea Island cotton. All our Sea Island cotton products undergo rigorous quality controls to ensure the material is of the highest quality.

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