Mes Chaussettes Rouges has been committed to sustainably designing its products since its inception over 10 years ago.

Dedicated to offering cutting edge, high-quality products, Jacques & Vincent, the co-founders of Mes Chaussettes Rouges, work hard every day to find the best materials to create the best products. This objective goes hand in hand with our social and environmental commitments, which we apply to every stage of our production process.

Italian Craftsmanship

All our socks are manufactured in Italy.

Why Italy and not France? Because Italy is the world leader in top-end textile manufacturing! The state-of-the-art workshops we partner with are found near Milan, in northern Italy. Our spinners, machine manufacturers and knitting workshops are all located close to each other, creating a unique production ecosystem. 

French Craftsmanship

We also partner with workshops in France for some of the socks that we stock. This is the case for the hunting socks we sell, as well as children’s socks.

Audited workshops

We select our partner workshops based on two criteria: know-how and the working condition of the employees. These two factors are inseparable and essential to our business, and our efforts to provide our customers with the best products possible. To ensure that these criteria are met, we regularly audit the workshops that we work with. These inspections are carried out several times a year and are intended to give us peace of mind as producers, and you peace of mind as our customers.

Our Italian workshops use cutting edge Italian knitting machines (Busi and Lonati) and are committed to respecting their worker’s rights every day.

A close production chain

We believe in the importance of maintaining close working relationships with all the people involved in our production chain. This tight-knit circuit of production helps us offer our clients the best final product.

To illustrate this, our main cotton supplier is Italian and directly supervises its production. He provides us with the highest quality Egyptian cotton. Our cotton is grown in Egypt and is sent directly to Italy where it is spun and then knitted into socks. These socks are then sent to Paris where they are sold. This direct production line from Egypt to Italy to France allows us to follow our products at every stage of the process, from raw cotton to our Parisian boutique. Our Italian workshops are also TS Fashion certified (an Italian system that tracks the supply chain of produce).

Environmental and social commitments and innovation

The majority of our socks are made from cotton lisle or cotton. Growing cotton is a challenge due to the last quantities of water needed to produce it. In light of this, we are constantly committed to integrating these issues into how we think about developing our range of products.

With a view to reducing our ecological footprint, we are creating innovative ranges made from organic cotton, like our non-elastic socks knitted from 85% organic cotton. As well as being softer and more elastic, the production of these socks is also more mindful of the environment. Moreover, all our Italian partner factories are OEKO TEX certified, and the dyes used to treat their threads are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 certified.

Our geographically short production chain reflects our commitment to reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible by focusing on one direct production line from Cairo to Milan to Paris.

We also work hard to ensure that every brand we sell in our boutique shares these values as much as possible.