Black socks

# The colour black

Some people believe that black socks are chosen as a default option. Au contraire, black is a colour that carries with it a lot of meaning. In the 14th century, black was the colour of choice for men of power, a symbol of integrity, dignity and now, luxury. Now you know; black is not just an understated colour. In fact, it can reflect the strongest elements of your character.

# How should I wear black socks?

Although there is only one shade of black, you can express yourself in a variety of ways through different:

  • Materials : the warmer and thicker the fibres the more natural the black will appear;
  • Textures : a varying use of texture is a good way to bring a subtle yet original touch to your outfits with black socks;
  • Patterns : paired with other colours, black instantly becomes more striking. That’s why we like mixing black with the brightest colours (e.g. red, sky-blue, light grey) to create contrasts that will give your outfits some modest sparkle.

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