Flat knit socks

# What makes smooth-knit socks special?

Paradoxically, the simplest things are often the hardest to explain. Our smooth-knit socks are exceptional due to their simplicity. These socks are extremely soft for two reasons; they have no ribbing and they are made from non-mercerised cotton (our famous supersoft thread).

# Their properties

The features of smooth-knit socks :

  • They are extremely soft; we don’t mince our words!
  • As they are smooth-knit, the natural elasticity of the ribbing normally present is missing. We have had to adapt by adding a small amount of elastane and nylon to ensure that there the socks do not crease or bunch around your ankle.
  • Finally, these socks are a compromise between out thinner socks and our super-durable range in terms of their thickness and durability.

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