Knee-high socks

# The origins of knee-high socks

Knee high stocks are the descendants of stockings. In the past, stockings were worn with breeches and would sit halfway up one’s thigh. As fashion evolved, knee high socks gradually appeared. The French term for knee high socks is ‘mi-bas’, which literally means ‘half-stocking’!

# Why wear knee high socks?

When Mes Chaussettes Rouges was founded, one of our mains aims was to bring back the knee high sock! The brilliance of the knee-high model is that there’s no risk of your socks twisting and falling down to your ankles at the end of the day. As the sock ends just below your knee, it sits comfortably on top of the curve of the calf all day.

Aesthetically speaking, this long sock will cover your whole lower leg, acting as the perfect bridge between your suit and your shoes. This also means your legs won’t be exposed when wearing wider trousers.

# When shouldn’t I wear them?

Knee-high socks can be worn all year round! However, if you’re following the trend of having slimmer fitting trousers, knee highs can feel a bit cumbersome. In this case we recommend wearing shorter socks, such as our mid-calf range, to avoid any rubbing or friction between your trousers and your socks.

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