Mazarin belts

# Mazarin and their belts!

Mazarin works hard to offer nothing but the best quality products and has developed a range of very elegant belts. You can choose between 11 different colours, including darker shades such as brown, black or navy blue. If you would like to try a more colourful belt, why not try a red, green or light blue to brighten up your outfits.

# What are the belts made out of?

They are made in a French workshop using the finest leathers. We have three different types of belts. Certain belts are made and lined with calfskin, whilst others are made with crocodile leather and lined with calfskin. You will also find a selection of belts made with ostrich leather.

The belt buckles are made of chrome plated brass. The Mazarin signature embossed inside the belt is a particularly nice touch.

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