# Why wear linen? 

It keeps you cool! Linen is brilliant at absorbing moisture and humidity (it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight!) which is perfect for keeping your feet cool even in the scorching heat. Harvested in France, linen is made up of very long fibres - 10 times longer than cotton - which makes it a very durable material. 

Linen is also a very soft material. And the best part? The more you wash it the softer it gets! You may have noticed that linen appears to be slightly flecked. This is because linen yarn is slightly thicker in some parts than others. This gives the socks a more casual and sporty feel.

# When should I wear linen socks?

When it’s hot! Thanks to its sweat wicking qualities, linen prevents your feet from feeling the heat in summer without even wrinkling. This is why we recommend wearing this material in the warmer month or if you live in a more tropical climate. It is worth noting that while linen is very durable and moisture-wicking material, it is not a warm material and will not protect your feet from the cold.

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