Ivy League Socks

# Ivy League Socks

The post-war fashion trends that came out of elite American universities have become famous for their blend of sporty and stylish, smart and casual. This iconic style is sometimes referred to as ‘preppy’ - which comes from the preparatory schools often previously attended by the elite students who first donned the style. Mazarin have taken one of the most classic motifs from this style, sporty coloured hoops, and created a line of socks that will make you feel like a bona fide Ivy League student.

# The Ivy League range: striped socks

Mazarin have designed several models of short (mid-calf) socks with two large, coloured hoops around the cuff and toe of the socks. The perfect balance between sporty and stylish! The blend of fabrics used to knit these socks also makes them ideal for the weekend; Mazarin have mixed extra-soft Egyptian cotton and linen to create a light and comfortable line of socks with a natural mottled colour.

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