Brown socks

# How should I wear this colour?
Brown socks are a classic choice for many a sock drawer. They are often chosen because of their closeness with brown shoes. You will find dark brown pairs as well as a shade of beige which goes nicely with a pair of chinos or canvas trousers.

A classic choice for some, more eccentric for others, brown socks are often worn with shoes of the same colour. As these socks are quite a dark brown, they will go well with all kinds of brown shoes, regardless of the shade of brown leather. Whether your shoes are dark brown, chocolate, tan or chestnut, these brown socks will fit the bill.

# What does this colour say about you?
The colour of the soil, a comforting colour, brown can be worn without making any major fashion faux-pas. It is said that high up in the financial world, one shouldn’t wear brown when in the city as it is far too much of a ‘countryside’ colour. But times have changed. Nonetheless, it is important not to wear this colour too much or wear it on its own!

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