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# How to wear striped socks.

Stripes are a classic and stylish pattern that let you play around with subtle variations on plain socks. If there’s one patten you have to have in your sock drawer, it’s stripes! We sell two types of striped sock: socks with vertical stripes, a discreet but elegant addition to any outfit (Bresciani & Mazarin, and socks with thicker horizontal stripes, which lend to a more casual look (Gallo).

Striped socks, otherwise known as two-tone socks, allow for a wide range of colour combinations. By matching the coloured ribbing of your socks to your shoes or trousers you can add a delicate touch of colour to your outfit!

# Our top picks

As you might expect, we love all our socks. But if we were forced to pick our favourites stripey pairs, here’s what we would choose:

Fun fact : Fun fact: some pairs of two-tone socks are reversible, meaning that you can wear the socks inside out to invert the colour-scheme and give your socks a little lift - just like with this pair of light grey and aubergine Mazarin socks!.

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