Cashmere beanies

# The cashmere beanie sets the tone for winter

Wear a cashmere bonnet made in France to face winter temperatures! It's the best accessory for cold winter days, both practical and fashionable!

The Mazarin brand, a specialist in hosiery and top-of-the-range materials, has chosen to extend its collections to the cashmere beanie range. Lovers of fluffy materials, these luxury models are made for you: they're made from 100% natural cashmere, available in one size for men and women.

The cashmere beanie made in France is the trendy fashion accessory of recent years, not to be overlooked to finish off your outfit with elegance and style.

The Mazarin cashmere hat

The Mazarin cashmere bonnet stands out for its impeccable top-of-the-range quality:

Cashmere origin: the cashmere used for the bonnets comes from Mongolia, the cashmere country par excellence! Mazarin has also made sure to select its supplier according to precise social and environmental criteria.

Certifications: The cashmere fibers used for each cashmere bonnet comply with 8 internationally recognized certifications, including Associazione Tessile e Salute (traceability of the production chain and chemicals used to ensure their eco-friendly treatment) and Associazione Tessile e Salute (traceability of the production chain and chemicals used to ensure their eco-friendly treatment).The good cashmere standard (which certifies eco-responsible cashmere from the point of view of protecting both farmers and breeders).

Cashmere hat properties:

  • An insulating beanie: cashmere beanies are renowned for their insulating properties, and therefore for the warmth they provide - an indispensable asset when you consider that a significant proportion of body heat evaporates through the head.
  • A soft beanie: this cashmere beanie for men and women is also particularly soft, plush and fluffy, ideal for protecting sensitive skin from irritation.
  • A thick beanie: the cashmere fibers used for this warm beanie have been specifically chosen for their thickness, which reinforces all the advantages explained above.

Fun fact: did you know that cashmere's yarn count doesn't actually mean anything? In fact, it's not the number of threads that determines the quality of the cashmere, but rather the thickness of the threads! For example, if you buy a 6-thread cashmere but each thread is very fine, it's the same as buying a 2-thread cashmere where each thread is very thick. That's why we don't talk about the number of yarns in our cashmere hats, but rather about their thickness!

# How to wear your cashmere hat

Style and materials, here are our tips for choosing your hat.

Ways to wear your cashmere hat

The Mazarin cashmere hat is a classic, one-size-fits-all shape for men and women: it's snug-fitting and its shape follows the shape of the head perfectly. If you prefer to wear your caps wider, you can undo the cuff to flatten the top and highlight the delicate Mazarin signature knitted on the back of the cap!

The Mazarin cashmere hat has a secret! Lift the brim to reveal the brand's original, refined signature: the name Mazarin is knitted into the mass of the beanie with tone-on-tone yarns. It's the perfect discreet and delicate touch of fantasy to make you stand out with chic and sobriety!

Choosing the perfect color for your cashmere hat

Mazarin offers over a dozen colors for its cashmere hats: from the most classic (black, navy blue, gray) to the brightest (red, purple, sky blue, ivory, etc.).

Here's our advice on choosing the perfect color for your made in France bonnet:

  • According to your physical characteristics: your skin, hair and eye tones can be indicators to take into account in order to give you the best possible look, to blend in or not with your hair, or to bring out the sumptuous color of your eyes ;
  • Depending on what you're wearing: you can go for a total look and match the color of the cap to your coat, for example, or, on the contrary, opt for a brighter color to mark contrasts and highlight this elegant fancy detail.

Fun fact: if you like to be flirty from head to toe, have fun wearing a pair of Mazarin 85% cashmere or cashmere & silk socks. The former are the warmest and thickest, and the latter the perfect combo of finesse, softness and warmth. Available in mid-sock and mid-calf heights.

# Caring for your cashmere hat

Cashmere is a pure and delicate material, so you need to take certain washing precautions to keep your cashmere hat intact:

  • Washing : you can hand-wash or machine-wash your hat on a very delicate wool setting, i.e. 30° and 600 rpm maximum.
  • Drying : your cashmere hat must be dried in the open air (tumble-drying forbidden!) to avoid any risk of the material felting, and to preserve its natural shape.

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