Women's Socks

# Why have a range exclusively for women?

Quite simply because :

  • Many of you have told us that finding socks you like is often a difficult task.
  • Women’s feet are often slimmer than men’s and suit a more tailored fit.
  • It’s an opportunity to add a feminine touch to our designs! But Mesdames, you are of course free to wear any model of your choice!  And if you are a size 39EU/5.5UK/6.5US or over, all the men’s models will fit you too.

# Our range

Our women’s socks range from 36EU/3UK/5US to 45EU/10.5UK/11.5US (sizes vary according to model and availability). We stock two brands that were created exclusively for women - Daphné and Bonne Maison - as well as other mixed brands - MazarinGammarelliBresciani and Doré Doré - which offer models in smaller sizes. 

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