Wool socks for women

# Where does our wool come from?

All our wool socks for women are knitted using Merino wool. While the origins of this high-quality wool are still debated, it is universally accepted that the Merino breed of sheep first appeared in Spain towards the end of the medieval period. Merino sheep were selectively crossbred to end up with a sheep that produced incredible quantities of high-quality, soft wool. Merino wool quickly became a valuable commodity in Spain, and the Spanish monarchy imposed an export ban on the sheep to establish a monopoly over the on-demand product. This ban was serious; Merino wool was financially invaluable to the Spanish crown, and anyone caught illegally exporting sheep could be punished by death. The export ban lasted until the 18th century when Charles III of Spain started to send small herds of Merino sheep to his cousins, who also happened to be European monarchs.

Small world! One of Charles’ cousins happened to be Louis XVI, the King of France. Seven years before his unfortunate encounter with the guillotine, Louis set up a special royal farm to breed his herd at Rambouillet, roughly 50km southwest of Paris. This French strain of Merino was pivotal in establishing the Australian Merino. Nowadays, Australia is the world’s biggest producer and exporter of raw Merino wool. However, when it comes to processing and manufacturing Merino, the Italians do it best. That’s why all our wool socks for women are knitted in specialist Italian workshops.

# Why wear wool socks

Wool socks, especially our Merino wool socks for women, will be your best friend in winter. Wool is a natural insulator and contains thousands of microscopic air pockets that work to keep your feet happy and warm during the colder months of the year. As well as keeping your feet nice and toasty, our women’s wool socks can also help to prevent your feet from overheating. Merino wool is very absorbent and is an excellent moisture wicking material, thereby keeping your feet cool when they get too hot. Warmer than cotton lisle yet not quite as toasty as cashmere, our wool socks for women are perfect for winter and mid-season.

Our ladies’ wool socks are also supremely soft. Treat yourself and your feet to these silky, fuzzy socks. Merino socks are prized for their softness, it’s the main reason that the breed became so popular in the first place. Before Merino sheep came around, wool was often worn by the lower orders of society. However, Merino is so comfortable and soft that before too long it was being worn by European monarchs. Dress like royalty with our beautiful range of wool socks for women. Our hypoallergenic, antimicrobial socks are available different sizes, lengths and colours to help you find the sock that fits you best.

We proudly stock several different lines of wool socks for women; from Daphné’s braid knit socks to Doré Doré’s adventure range to Mazarin’s cashmere Merino wool blend socks. There’s a style for everyone. Order online or visit our Parisian boutique to get you pair of wool socks for women.

#How to wash your women’s wool socks?

Washing fine quality Merino wool is easier than you might think! Simply put your women’s wool socks in the washing machine and use the preset wool setting. If your machine doesn’t come with a wool setting, opt for a delicate 30°C wash with a slow spin-cycle. We strongly advise against machine drying, as they cause woollen socks to lose their shape.

#Did you know?

Merino sheep have a 360° field of vision, which means they don’t have to turn their heads at all to look behind them! Even though Merino sheep are known for having thick, fuzzy coats, an experienced hand can shear a whole sheep in just 3-4 minutes!

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