Green socks

# How should I wear this colour?

Green socks can be worn relatively easily! With a pair of jeans and tennis shoes, all different shades of green will do the job! With a suit, if you are going for a more serious look, try the French academy green which will add a touch of prestige to your outfit.

Green socks allow you to play around with various different colours. For example, they allow you to cleverly go from grey to navy blue or brown, acting as the link between your trousers and shoes. They draw the attention elsewhere and enhance the ensemble.

You can of course choose to wear them with the same coloured trousers and shoes, whether that be brown on brown or navy blue on black. Green socks will break up any blocks of colours nicely and you will enjoy showing them off.

#What does this colour say about you?

There is a wide range of different shades of green! With this colour, you can pretend to be sensible and well-behaved or more extravagant and daring.

The French Academy Green is an emblematic colour, inspired by the green silk embroidery traditionally worn by the academics of the French Academy, and will assuredly give you a sense of confidence and a wise demeanour.

The apple green, which is a brighter colour, will show off your joyful side! A more eccentric colour to spice up grey winter days!

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