Pink socks

# Pink socks

Pink is a warm and striking colour, the perfect shade of sock to spice up your darker outfits. If you are a fan of refined yet contrasting details, try pairing these pink socks with navy. They are a brilliant layer to add to the vibrancy of brighter-coloured trousers (e.g. in grey, blue, denim, beige or even brown). Pink socks are also a trendy touch for trainer lovers!


# Our top picks

Pink socks should have a place in your wardrobe come rain or shine. Here are some of our favourite models:

  • Antique pink linen socks from Bresciani, perfectly light for summer;
  • Woollen and cashmere socks in bright pink berry, what better to liven up your winter outfits?
  • The original combination of sky blue and raspberry socks, available in ribbed or caviar patterns. A daring touch for your formal suits.

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