Houndstooth pattern

# Where does this pattern come from?

This pattern was created by Scottish shepherds in the 19th century who knitted clothes to protect themselves from the cold by applying this famous black and white pattern, colors chosen for their neutrality. It became famous and a symbol of elegance from the 30's thanks to the Prince of Wales's costumes and then the iconic Dior suits.

# How to wear it?

The color contrasts allowed by the pattern make houndstooth socks an elegant fantasy detail. If you want them to stand out, combine them with plain outfits and match the colors to those of your shoes to highlight the contrasts. For more discretion, you can always match the colors of the pattern to those of your pants and create the long legs effect!

# And this name?

Confusion when translating from English houndstooth to French. Some will see logic in the resemblance between a real houndstooth and this pattern. Judge by yourself !

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