Grey socks

# How to wear grey socks?

For lovers of the understated, grey socks are an absolute must have in your wardrobe!

Grey is a neutral, dark shade which goes well with many colours (navy, brown, burgundy, green, black, red) in an elegant and refined fashion. Grey socks can also be worn tone-on-tone with grey suits and/or shoes. In other words, grey socks are a very safe bet!

# Our advice

If you want to bring a touch of colour to your outfits without taking the plunge with colourful socks, try our patterned socks. Coloured ribbing is perhaps the best way to brighten up a pair of grey socks. If you’re looking for a slightly more eye-catching detail, opt for a mix of colours in a houndstooth pattern

Should I match the colour of my socks to my trousers or to my shoes? Both have their benefits:

  • Socks and trousers : this pairing is guaranteed to make your legs look longer, almost like an illusion!
  • Socks and shoes: this combination leads to a more visible touch of colour at the bottom of your figure which catches the eye and creates a break with the colour of your trousers.

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