The purple

# Purple Socks

Purple is an easier color to wear than it seems! Purple socks are a perfect in-between red and blue. Our selection offers a wide choice of purple socks to please all tastes: from the darkest aubergine or burgundy colored socks, to the lightest with lilac colored socks. Wear without moderation with navy blue, gray or even black pants to give them a little sparkle! The socks also go easily with brown, black or gray shoes.

# Our favorites

Here are some of our favorite purple designs:

  • Gamamrelli purple , the traditional color of bishops, makes particularly bright lisle socks;
  • Opt for models in burgundy or aubergine lisle thread from Mazarin for elegant sobriety;
  • The intense purple of the cashmere and wool pair is perfect for brightening up your winter outfits;
  • And all our ribbed models subtly add an original touch to your outfits.

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