The diamonds

# What is this diamond pattern?

Traditionally called argyle by our British neighbors, this pattern is similar to the geometric shape of the diamond.
Popular for many years, this pattern remains a great classic despite changing trends. Diamond socks are generally made up of several superimposed diamonds, which allows for many color combinations.

# How to wear diamond socks?

The argyle pattern is often associated with warm fall-winter socks. To be worn without moderation during cold winter days with velvet pants, country shoes... Among our favorites, you will find the taupe or blue gray diamond socks (mid-calf) Doré Doré in thick wool from the Adventure range or the Bresciani taupe or duck blue wool models, perfectly in tune with the theme for cold winter days!

On Scottish thread models, the diamonds are often finer and smaller. Easier to wear in town with suits or even jeans and sneakers to add a little touch of fantasy to your outfits.

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