Argyle socks

# What is the argyle pattern?

Geometrically similar to the diamond shape, the argyle pattern originated in the Scottish Highlands and became popular worldwide after the First World War. Since then and despite the constantly changing nature of fashion, argyle has remained a popular, classic pattern. Argyle socks are usually composed of several superimposed diamonds in a wide range of colour schemes.

# How to wear argyle socks

Argyle is usually associated with warm socks worn during autumn and winter. Wear them to your heart’s content on cold winter days with a pair of corduroy trousers or your countryside shoes. Among our favourite models are two pairs of woollen socks from the Doré Doré Aventure range; mid-calf length argyle socks in taupe or blue grey. Bresciani have also made a range of woollen argyle socks in taupe or peacock blue, perfect for wintery weather!

On models made from cotton lisle, the diamonds of the argyle pattern are usually thinner and smaller. This means that they are easier to wear with suits in the city or even with jeans and trainers to add a touch of creativity to your outfits.

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