Silk knee-highs

# Luxury silk knee-highs

Exceptional materials allow you to create luxurious and elegant knee-high socks. Among them, silk is probably the most refined. Silk knee-highs have several elegant features that will enhance your outfits.

Fineness : Silk is a natural material renowned for its exceptional fineness. Thus, silk knee-highs are among the finest socks available. Being lightly textured, silk allows you to obtain high socks with little excess material. You will find in particular knee-highs in 100% natural silk with ribs at Mazarin or without ribs at Gammarelli. We will then talk about smooth silk knee-highs.

Shine : A characteristic feature of our silk knee-highs is their natural shine, which stands out particularly well in the light. Unlike an artificial shine provided by certain materials, this sublime shine is discreet and further highlights the fineness of the socks. This is an extra touch of elegance.

Colors : Silk is renowned for its enhanced color absorption, which guarantees preservation of colors over time. Our silk knee-highs come in classic colors so they remain versatile whatever the occasion. The color palette allows you to wear them with practically everything. You can combine them with a suit, jeans, or any other outfit.

# Silk knee-highs for unparalleled comfort

Silk knee-highs are also appreciated for the exceptional comfort they provide:

Softness : In addition to being fine, silk knee-high socks are renowned for their softness. Unlike lisle thread, which has a cleaner feel, high silk socks are soft and less sensitive on the skin. Being also lightweight, you will forget you are wearing them after a few minutes.

Flexibility : If silk knee-highs are thin socks, they are also very flexible! These lightweight socks are easy to put on and maintain excellent support despite their low stiffness. So, when walking, these luxury socks are virtually imperceptible and are anti-compression. They will therefore allow you to move around without hindrance.

Thermal maintenance : Silk knee-highs provide good temperature regulation and preserve a stable temperature. This inherent property of matter is very important. In fact, it allows the wearing of silk socks both in summer and during cold seasons! These silk knee-highs regulate the temperature so that you are neither hot nor cold.

Hygiene : Silk high socks are known for their hypoallergenic properties, they respect the skin of the feet. A healthy pair of socks ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. The socks themselves are also hygienic and breathable. They prevent the formation and proliferation of bacteria on the fabric. Additionally, silk is known to absorb sweat reasonably. Thus, unlike classic cotton pairs, silk knee-high socks minimize bad odors and promote good foot hygiene.

You can also wear silk knee-highs with other materials depending on the characteristics you are looking for:

Cashmere and silk ribbed knee-highs : These knee-highs are made of 70% cashmere and 30% silk. These high socks are particularly warm, extremely comfortable and very flexible. This is the pair of luxury knee-highs that will provide you with maximum comfort in the colder seasons. The combination of materials allows you to obtain intense colors.

Silk and lisle thread knee-highs : These knee-high models are light and very elegant. The shine of silk is combined with the texture of Scottish thread to obtain very refined pairs with superb patterns.

# Durable silk knee-highs

Silk knee-high socks, although knitted from a delicate material, remain durable. Besides, did you know that silk was used to make parachute fabrics and the wings of the first planes? For comparison, silk wire is stronger than steel wire of the same thickness.

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