The rafters

# Where does this pattern come from?

First discovered on ancient Greek pottery from BC, the chevron became fashionable with the Art Deco movement in the 20's and established itself as a trendy motif in the 60's. In the world of socks, it is Bresciani which undoubtedly holds the prize for the most beautiful color assortments for herringbone socks!

# Why choose it?

The zig zag effect of the chevron gives even more vibrancy to the color mixes on the socks. Knitted on Scottish thread, the chevron allows you to obtain a very fine and refined pattern, it is also said to be a faux-plain! Which makes it one of the easiest sock patterns to wear: it gives a delicate touch of fantasy and sparkle to your plain outfits without going overboard. It is also said to be a subtle faux-plain color because from a distance, your socks appear to be solid in color.

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