Calzificio Palatino

# The history of the Calzificio Palatino brand

Founded in Italy in 1949, Palatino has been a family business ever since. They specialise in knitting beautiful two-tone or plain coloured socks in cotton lisle and merino wool. Their workshops in Rome, now situated near the famous Roma Termini railway station were originally located in the Palantine district, hence their name!

# Calzificio Palatino’s distinctive features

Palatino are first and foremost known for their original colour combinations: their two-tone models combine pastel colours with bright stripes to give your outfits a creative yet refinished touch. But they are most renowned for their range of merino wool socks; these socks are made from fine wool and are perfect for slipping into all types of shoes. Available in a wide array of colours, choose from the darkest to the brightest - yellow, orange, red, sky blue, turquoise, etc.

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