Birdseye socks

# The Birdseye pattern ?

The birdseye pattern, referred to as caviar in French, is known for its subtlety. A pattern that adds character to your outfits, it is both subtle and eye-catching. Birdseye is a jacquard pattern; to create it, two different coloured threads are intertwined with the loops of the threads alternating to result in this colourful and textured illusory effect.

# Our top picks

We love both the most contrasting, eye catching birdseye patterns (blue and yellow, blue and sand, burgundy and beige) and tone on tone birdseye socks that add a subtle splash of colour (navy and royal blue, black and grey).

# Why wear birdseye socks?

Birdseye socks are perfect if you’re not looking for a loud pattern, but still want to vary plain-coloured outfits in a subtle way. Wearing birdseye socks is knowing how to stand out in a stylish and understated fashion.

The pattern itself is a very subtle optical illusion which offers countless possibilities for colour combinations. Up close the contrasts between the shades are vibrant, yet from a distance the socks appear to be in one sole colour!

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