Compression socks

# When to wear compression socks?

Designed for avid travellers, people who stay standing for long periods at a time or those with varicose veins, these class 2 medical grade compression socks are perfect for relieving the feeling of heavy and aching legs. Made in Italy and quality-checked in Switzerland, these stockings are a blend of cotton lisle, polyamide and elastane. This combination has been designed to provide you with ample strength and support whilst also resisting general wear and tear. They are the same length as our knee-high socks.


# Why is our range different?

These socks are unique in their patterns and offer a variety of bright and subtle colours to provide you with a range of elegant, refined and durable stockings. This range is more extensive than those you would find in a pharmacy and can be worn for specific purposes (such as plane trips) as well as for everyday professional outfits. Go ahead, treat yourself to these compression socks!

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