# The Gammarelli brand

Founded in 1798, the family owned Gammarelli workshop is a small boutique tucked behind the Pantheon in Rome. This tailor is renowned for the quality of their socks and their attention to detail. For six generations the Gammarelli family have faithfully worked at the old wooden counter of their roman boutique, which is always covered with the most lavish fabrics.

# What makes the Gammarelli brand special?

Gammarelli specialises in tailoring ecclesiastical clothing and is the official and exclusive supplier to the papacy. When the Pope appoints new cardinals, special red robes are manufactured for each of them. The well-known red socks were made as part of this attire. While papal socks are famously red, the socks worn by the Pope himself are actually white. Gammarelli’s socks are not just worn by clergymen, but by a number of famous people as well including François Fillon and Edouard Balladur.

# Why wear Gammarelli socks?

Woven entirely out of natural fabrics, Gammarelli socks are made from Cotton Lisle or soft merino wool. The 100% Cotton Lisle socks are available as knee-highs or mid-calf length, those in merino wool exist only as knee high socks. All the models are produced in four colours: red (for cardinals), black (for priests), purple (for bishops) or white (worn by the Pope). You will love wearing these socks which certainly have a story to tell!

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