# Mazarin grand faiseur 

Mazarin was founded in collaboration with Alain Stark of Stark & Sons, the illustrious tailors to the Académie Française. Since its creation, the French label Mazarin grand faiseur has been manufacturing socks for académiciens (members of the Académie Française), making green their signature colour. This particular shade of ‘academy’ green is inspired by the green silk thread which is used to embroider olive branches onto the famous jackets of the académiciens.

# What makes the Mazarin brand special?

In addition to harnessing the iconic academic green colour, Mazarin grand faiseur has developped the strongest city socks on the market with their super-durable range. These woollen or cotton socks are reinforced with polyamide. This synthethic material makes the socks both more comfortable, and more rub resistant. Manufactured in cutting-edge Italian factories, the super-durable range is available in numerous colours, both plain and patterned. With this range, you can ooze elegance and style without sacrificing comfort and durability.

# Why wear Mazarin grand faiseur socks?

Mazarin grand faiseur produces socks that are unrivalled in terms of elegance and comfort. The label is constantly expanding their range of socks with different colours, materials (wool, cashmere etc.), lengths (mid-calf length and invisible socks) and applications (sports, indoor comfort). For the globetrotters out there, Mazarin is one of the only labels to offer elegant and refined compression socks which meet the medical criteria (class 2). Their compression socks are made in Italy and are quality approved in Switzerland.

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