# What’s the appeal of silk?

Silk socks are wonderfully soft and light. Moreover, its thermoregulatory properties make for year-round comfort: a pair of silk socks will keep you cool in summer and warm up your feet in winter. 

 # The silk and cashmere blend.

Cashmere, a premium material is prized for its warmth and softness. When added to cashmere, silk brings a lustre and vibrancy, and allows for an array of bright and intense colours. Socks made from a cashmere and silk blend are particularly soft and light as well as unbeatably sleek and warm.

 # How to look after silk socks? 

Such an excellent material requires a bit of special treatment. Wash on a wool programme (cold wash with very little spinning), or by hand to preserve its soft feel. The same applies to socks made from a blend of silk and cashmere.

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