Super-durable socks in Cotton lisle

# Why do we say that these are the sturdiest socks on the market?

For two reasons : 

  • The blend of materials :  the combination between the best cotton lisle and synthetic threads (polyamide and elastane) results in a blend of materials that is unmatched in terms of wear resistance.
  • Their success in the Martindale test : the Martindale abrasion test is known and trusted worldwide as a way to measure how resistant materials are to friction, and therefore how durable they are. In a sample test pitted against 15 pairs from premium brands, our super-durable material came out on top with a resistance of nearly 49000 cycles. While this number cannot be converted into a precise step-count, it represents a very strong and resistant fabric.

# Why do we add synthetic materials?

We add synthetic fibres to this blend of materials to give it it’s strength and durability. As well as using a thick cotton lisle thread, we have also chosen to use polyamide, a material that is also used to create mooring ropes for boats, and elastane, which gives the socks a neat and smooth look when worn. 

# When to wear the super-durable range?

Our super-durable cotton lisle range can be worn all year round! Slightly thicker than our 100% cotton lisle socks, our super-durable pairs slip easily into any shoe without creasing. The additional synthetic materials have made this range slightly better at retaining heat, but if you know you get cold easily, these socks may not be thick enough for wintery temperatures. The variety of the models and their patterns means that you can find the perfect pair of socks for both formal and more casual occasions.

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