# Where does vicuna wool come from?

The vicuna is a camelid known for its thick, tawny fleece which lives in the high planes of the Andes in South America. Closely related to the llama albeit smaller and slighter, the vicuna is a rare protected species and is the national animal of Peru!

 # Why sell vicuna socks?

Vicuna wool is a very rare material that is prized for its softness. To give you an idea, only 4 to 6 tonnes of vicuna wool is shorn every year. This tiny quantity means that it is very hard to procure. 

Vicuna wool is sought after for:

  • its insulating properties : the hollow, air-filled fibres of vicuna wool interlock, trapping insulating air to keep the animal warm on cold desert nights;
  • for being extremely fine : vicuna is the finest fibre after silk.

No other material is such an exquisite blend of softness, warmth and finesse as vicuna wool. Treat carefully – wash by hand.

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