Pink socks

# How should I wear this colour?
Summer is without doubt the season when we wear pink socks the most. But this seasonal frequency is not something that is imposed. Quite the contrary in fact. You should feel free to choose to wear a pair of pink knee-high socks from your sock drawer regardless of the time of year. If you fancy a more intense shade of pink, take a look at the raspberry pinks.

The assertion that pink socks are very colourful is certainly the least we can say. Nonetheless, this conviction should not make us forget that pink has a wide range of varied shades and tones. Baby pink socks can be a wise choice for a blue or similarly coloured pink shirt. Raspberry pink socks on the other hand can contrast nicely with or reinforce the colour of certain shirts.

# What does this colour say about you?
Pink socks are a sweet kind of extravagance and will bring a sense of gaiety to your outfit.

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