Bonne Maison

# The Bonne Maison brand

Béatrice de Crécy has been telling stories with her Bonne Maison socks since 2012. The label uses 100% Egyptian cotton to make their socks. This cotton used is treated in such a way that the microfibres that usually come off the thread are removed, resulting in a very fine finish. This high-quality cotton does not pill and is especially soft and smooth. The socks are also very strong, due to the natural strength of the material, but also as the toes are seamless and reinforced. 

# The hallmarks of Bonne Maison

Knitting : the socks are knitted by cutting edge machines which produce designs of unrivalled finesse and originality. 

The range of colour : the colours used by Bonne Maison are very carefully selected by their pattern designers while the colouring and dying of the cotton threads themselves are specially done in Italy.

Manufacturing locations : 80% of their socks are made in France and the other 20% are made in Europe.

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