# Where does our wool come from?

Our wool comes from merino sheep. This breed of sheep is known worldwide for producing the finest, softest and warmest wool. Native to Spain, it is a species that is known for the abundance and quality of its wool which, when knitted, makes silky, fuzzy socks.

# When to wear woollen socks

Wool is an insulating material which protects your feet from the cold. Woollen socks are therefore perfect for colder temperatures when they will keep you warm. We offer different types of wool and importantly, different thicknesses of socks to fit all your needs; from our thinnest merino wool socks to our thickest pairs made from 90% wool.

# How to look after wool?

Wool requires care when washing. We recommend machine washing wool on the specific wool setting with a spin-speed of less than 600 rpm. This way it will keep its shape.

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