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Navy blue boxer shorts in organic cotton, by Mazarin.

Discover these navy blue boxer briefs by Mazarin. This model is made from organic Egyptian cotton, renowned for its softness and suppleness.

The wide elastic band of our men's boxer briefs is slightly textured. As a result, the fabric is soft and won't lose comfort after each wash.

Mazarin boxer briefs are sewn with very flat seams, so you won't feel uncomfortable when wearing them. Our boxer shorts also feature no interior labels.

Composition: 97% organic cotton - 3% elastane

Sizes: XS to 4XL.

Care: Machine wash at 40°c. Do not iron. Avoid tumble-drying.

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Cotton underwear

Cotton is a relatively easy-care material. T-shirt, boxer shorts, boxers or briefs, cotton underwear can be machine washed at normal speed (30 or 40° and spin up to 1200 rpm). You can tumble dry them but we still recommend drying them naturally and flat so that the fibers return to their original shape and maintain their thickness.

Sea Island cotton underwear

What cashmere is to wool, Sea Island is to cotton. Sea Island underwear is particularly soft, silky and fine. It is therefore a fairly delicate material, which requires special maintenance. Sea Island cotton underwear can be machine washed in wool or hand wash mode, preferably cold with a very low spin to maintain the softness of the cotton.

Linen underwear

Linen is not a particularly delicate material: you can wash your linen boxer shorts in the machine on a normal setting, at 30 or 40°. Choose natural drying to preserve the shape of the linen fibers, but you can also use the dryer.

Fun fact : linen loves water and softens over time, including your linen boxer shorts!

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