Neither too much nor not enough - editorial from our February 2020 mailing

Dear friends, dear customers,

Neither too much nor not enough.
It's a question you ask yourself with every purchase: is it too hot? Not enough ? Too colorful or too boring? Too thick or too thin?

This is now the question we ask ourselves every time the crown virus comes up in conversations. Should we still shake hands with familiar customers? Should we put the store on hold until calm returns and only sell online until then? Our philosophy is simple: stick to those who know (i.e. doctors) since contrary to fashion, virology is a science and not an art. “Everyone must always be attached to their profession”*.
While waiting for the vaccine, the best way to fight viruses of all kinds is not to catch a cold. Wool socks remain one of the best allies for facing March showers.

And for those who like lightness, as much for their discussion as for their socks, we are happy to present to you a new range which is a small revolution at Mes Chaussettes Rouges: RIB-FREE socks in lisle thread. It’s up to you to choose your coterie.
Don't stop everything, therefore, and continue to live with a taste for humor. As one of our customers said yesterday: 'in these times of the end of the world, we might as well leave with elegance.'

See you soon,

Jacques and Vincent

* You will have recognized the moral of The Horse and the Wolf from our friend and common theme this year, Jean de La Fontaine.