In Napoleon footsteps

Have you heard about Mes Chaussettes Rouge's last aquisition?

Socks worn by Napoleon himself, as authenticated by a stamped seal from one of his contemporaries, soldier and politician Joachim Clary who acquired them directly from Napoleon’s mother.

It was not out of fetishism or some Bonaparte cult-following, as one TV channel suggested in their prime-time news report, but because they are a piece of history, a true hosiery treasure, and exceptional know-how. Not to mention how close our quarters in Paris are to the Invalides, the almost four-century-old monument hosting Napoleon’s burial chamber. Our Parisian shop will soon be a museum in its own right since we shall have Napoleon’s socks on display!

Napoleon boxset in limited edition:

More than just an exceptional purchase, Napoleon’s socks were a source of inspiration. It’s not always enough to simply gaze at an artwork, which is why we decided to create replicas of Napoleon’s socks so that everyone could make them his. This limited-edition boxset of 6 pairs has been manufactured in only 1821 copies, as a reference to the year Napoleon died. Each color is an allusion to a milestone event in the Emperor’s life and each detail is inspired by his own socks.

An exceptional boxset:

To make those knee-high socks come to life, we have chosen to place them in a boxset in the unique shape of the column standing on the Place Vendôme in Paris. It also features the whole design of the sculpture adorning the column. You will thus enjoy the privilege of marveling at the sublime details of that work of art made by Jean-Baptiste Lepère, Jacques Gondouin, and Pierre-Nolasque Bergeret in a miniature version - a rare occurrence since it’s hardly possible to see the original up close. Don’t worry - the 144 feet tall column will be reduced in size for you to use as a decorative object in your home!

If you want to pre-order this exceptional Napoleon boxset, you can do it here.

They're talking about us on French TV and on BFM Business!

They're talking about us! Have a look to all the press coverage on our Napoleon exclusive boxset:

Nos chaussettes Napoléon dans le JT de TF1


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