Let’s get off to a good start for 2021! - editorial of the February 2021 mailing

Dear friends, dear customers,
“What is useful must be encouraged, what is harmful must be overcome, what is inert must be shaken off.” This sentence pronounced by the vigorous General Leclerc, then Commander, following the first victory of Free France by his 22 men, seems inspiring to us to take stock of the past year and define our strategy for 2021.

Encourage what is useful for our development :
  • After 10 years of collaboration with Gammarelli, next week we will sign a new contract which will strengthen our partnership with the Pope's tailor for the next 10 years! Hallelujah!
  • Sales of women's socks were THE pleasant surprise of the month of December. We are therefore (finally) going to extend the range (give us your opinion on future models here ).

How to overcome what is harmful?
  • Delivery delays have been reduced thanks to systematic monitoring of shipments, put in place at the end of the year and which we have chosen to keep.
  • Manufacturing defects are fortunately very rare thanks to our quality control but can still occur. THANK YOU to everyone who takes the time to report them to us. It’s so valuable to us.

Shake up the inert: how to wake up slumbering projects?
  • Indoor socks popular with teleworkers: we are in discussions with an emblematic French brand, which does not belong to the clothing sector, to launch an innovative product.
  • Our Italian restraints always make more people happy and we would like to take steps to certify them as “medical goods” and make them eligible for your mutual insurance.
Here's what you need to get right into 2021. Happy New Year!
Jacques & Vincent