Our 5 Christmas gifts for a man if you haven't made all yours...

One week before Christmas, less than half of the gifts have already been purchased. To avoid drowning in a glass of water and to ensure that giving remains a pleasure, we offer you a selection of simple and effective gifts.

1. Socks

A house classic, in Scottish yarn or merino wool , for the city or for hunting, bright orange or black, plain or with a caviar pattern, we have more than 300 models of socks among which you will find the one you need. you need. From 20€.

2. A perfume

A perfume is an identity, a trace that we leave and which evokes memories. To make this trace unique and not shared by the entire metro train, we took over the distribution of the famous London barber and perfumer Geo F. Trumper. Eaux de Toilette (€55), shaving creams (€24), after-shaves …The closure of Old England deprived fans of the brand in France: we are happy to offer these exceptional perfumes again!

3. An umbrella

In a world plagued by low-end umbrellas blown over by the first squall, Mes Chaussettes Rouges has chosen to offer long Pasotti umbrellas , made from a single piece of chestnut, with a beautiful water-repellent canvas in many colors. These magnificent umbrellas will decorate your entrance and effectively protect you from the rain. We offer to embroider initials and a telephone number for free so that, even if you misplace it, we can return it to you! 160€, at the store exclusively.

4. A pouch

At a time when the tie is less worn, the pocket square is finding new impetus. And it has many advantages: it enhances an outfit, it is easy to maintain and fun to use. Vary the folds and colors for very different results.

Simonnot-Godard , is often cited as proposing the most beautiful clutches in the world. Made in France and rolled by hand, This two-hundred-year-old company is a source of national pride, recognized throughout the world for its know-how!

5. Shoe polish

Taking care of your shoes is one of the key points of clothing. The Saphir range is there to ensure the maintenance of shoes: restore color to suede, soften the leather before winter, make your shoes shine… Discover Saphir products from €6!

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