Are your feet cold? Explanations and solutions!

Understanding the causes of cold feet?

The cold season often makes life difficult for us! It often happens that our feet get cold easily and quite quickly.

1/ Feet too exposed to the cold : If they are poorly protected, the feet can cool because they are in direct contact with the ground. You therefore need shoes and socks adapted to the temperature (and the time spent outside). Even more so if you walk in snow, remember to have waterproof shoes, otherwise your feet will be frozen in a few seconds.

2/ Poor or restricted blood circulation : Socks or tights that are too tight can also be the cause of cold feet. Wearing socks that are too tight interferes with blood supply and flow, which can lead to cold feet.

Solutions: What to do when our feet are cold?

1/ Short-term solutions : It is also important not to tighten your shoes too tightly, this promotes better blood circulation, and therefore reduces the risk of cold feet. Another solution is to adapt your socks according to the circumstances (temperature, activity, etc.), particularly in terms of materials: fine wool socks or thick wool, cashmere socks, camel hair socks, etc. For example, wool is an excellent thermal insulator that will protect you from the cold. Camel hair is also a good temperature regulator, and is known to absorb moisture.

2/ Long-term solutions : it is good to do physical activity, and to put in motion the parts of the body concerned and sensitive to the cold, to stimulate the circulatory system. Avoid foods that block arteries and increase cholesterol. Ask your doctor what you need to improve blood circulation.

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