Who are the preferred customers? - Mailing from June 2023

Dear friends, Dear customers ,

The question in question may seem shocking because everyone imagines being treated like the others. Not better, but certainly not worse.
Yet our hectic general conditions of sale favor some to the detriment of others.

A customer from the Antipodes, who was hesitating between 3 pairs, ordered all three. Before sending us back the other 2, he asked us if the returns were free.
This question awakened in us the desire to clarify our position.

Some of you are offended, or just disappointed, that we don't offer return shipping. The seductive slogans and colorful signs of touted stores sometimes make us forget the reality of things and their price.

Hesitations and order errors (a size 42 which becomes a 45 with a hasty click or a mid-calf chosen by mistake in the mid-low category) require returns.
But offering return costs consists of including these costs in the overall price of the socks (it being understood that we are looking at the average cost of an order) and therefore making those who pay attention pay the costs linked to the negligence of the others. We all make mistakes or hesitate sometimes, but it doesn't seem very fair or very responsible to offer the return shipping costs.

Of course, when we (Mes Chaussettes Rouges) are at fault, we offer the return costs because we apply the same logic: the person who makes a mistake takes responsibility for the error.

And those who prefer free return costs without ever resorting to them are playing against themselves, like Jean La Fontaine's Tircis. Tircis who explains to Amarante the pains that love makes her feel in order to discreetly declare his love for her. And who in doing so opens Amarante's eyes to the fact that she is also in love...but with someone other than him.

There are many people like him
Who claim* to act only on their own behalf,
And who do other people's business.

We wish you a good summer.
Jacques and Vincent


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