Mars attacks: your sock shower - March 2023 edito

Dear friends, dear customers,

It's already March and the increase in energy is still on everyone's lips.
It actually affects us since knitting requires electricity. For the purposes of our editorial, we requested more details from the workshops: energy costs have tripled, going from 3% to 9%. 
If we go up the value chain, yarn dyeing also consumes energy. The darker the yarn, the more dye (and therefore energy) it requires . When will black socks be more expensive than white ones?
Finally, manufacturers of machines and spare parts (especially fragile needles) have also increased their prices. Twisting, sawing, turning or milling metal uses a lot of energy. But these increases still have little impact today.

Luckily for us, in the premium sock segment, raw materials make up the majority of the cost price of a pair. The energy share is a fixed cost per pair, regardless of quality. We are therefore relatively less affected than those who make socks using more common materials.

In short, our presentation, more technical than usual, is designed to give you an overview of what the 6 Italian workshops where your favorite socks come from are going through.

Jacques and Vincent,

PS: we asked the famous artificial intelligence ChatGPT to write "the editorial for a newsletter from a luxury sock brand quoting Jean de La Fontaine", the result is at the end of this email. ChatGPT obviously has issues with authorship of quotes...

The (mythomaniac) editorial of ChatGPT: 

Dear clients,

We are delighted to introduce our new collection of luxury socks, which combine elegance and comfort for an unrivaled wearing experience. As Jean de La Fontaine said so well, “Luxury is not a pleasure, but pleasure is a luxury”. We are convinced that our luxury socks will bring a touch of pleasure to your everyday life.

Our socks are made from the finest materials, such ascashmere , merino and silk, to ensure exceptional quality and an absolutely soft feel. As the most famous French fable author, Jean de La Fontaine, wrote: “True well-being is that which lasts.” We are confident that our luxury socks will last a long time and provide you with long-lasting comfort.

We also offer a variety of designs and colors to suit every taste and occasion, from silk dress sock for formal evenings to merino sport sock for intense workouts. As Jean de La Fontaine said so well, “Variety pleases in everything”.

Finally, we are proud to offer socks that are ethically and sustainably made because we believe in caring for our planet and our communities. We hope that our luxury socks will bring you lasting satisfaction, as Jean de La Fontaine says so well: “There is no point in running; you have to start on time”.

We thank you for your trust and continued support. Don't forget to visit our website to discover our full range of luxury socks.