Don't be the village undecided - December 2023 mailing

Dear friends, dear customers,

Giving gifts is never easy, especially when you want to do well. The temptation to hesitate is strong. Particularly in times of inflation where uncertainty costs a little every day. We paid the price, because all the ranges that we ended up ordering a little too late cost us more.

But what's really costly is missing the right moment, the famous Greek Kairos ("Before the hour, it's not the time. After the hour, it's no longer the time"). For example, we procrastinated last winter over the colors of the hats to order, so much so that we finally received them... in April. In this case, the real cost was not inflation but the loss of earnings from a blank season. The undecided people of the village were us!

Why bring up these little misses now?

Because they could be yours! The Kairos to give your Christmas present is on the evening of the 24th (or the morning of the 25th depending on the family, but we do not wish to open this debate, as heated as that of knowing whether to say bread to chocolate or chocolatine). Gift cards, even if we offer them, are never as enjoyable as a tangible product that we can put on in the morning of the 25th.

In short, the hesitations cost us dearly and we are happy to share our setbacks with you so that you avoid them. The three risks of a last -minute Christmas purchase are the absence of gifts on the big day, the stress of a late delivery and the possible additional cost of an express carrier (especially for those who are far away!) .

We hope that you will make good use of it, even if as the saying goes, experience is a lantern that only illuminates the one who carries it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Jacques and Vincent