Wedding socks

How to choose your wedding socks?

Choosing a pair of socks for a wedding (both yours and someone else's) is often complex and a source of questions. You can therefore wonder what type of socks to choose, what material is most suitable, or even how to choose according to your outfit the same day.

During this article, we will present our advice for choosing the right pair of wedding socks! To do this, we will focus on certain criteria in particular.

The height of wedding socks

A wedding outfit should look elegant overall. This is why we generally choose a pair of dress socks. Therefore, pairs of invisible socks, which can sometimes be found in guests' outfits, will not be discussed in this article.

We will therefore focus on the two main types, high socks, also called knee-highs, and short, or mid-calf, socks.

High wedding socks: here are our favorites!

Why do we recommend wearing high wedding socks?

  • For their outfit : high socks have several advantages, in particular thanks to the support they provide. These socks actually stop just below the knee. The end thus rests on the calf so as not to slip, and as a result, the sock remains tight all day on your leg.
  • For their visual appearance : they are also more elegant, because they highlight the finesse and beauty of the materials, and ensure that you never reveal your hair when the pants ride up your leg.

However, these socks should not always be favored! Here’s why we also recommend wearing mid-calf wedding socks in certain cases…

Mid-calf wedding socks

In fact, if the pants are a little too close to the calf, they will sometimes have a tendency to catch on the knee as they rise up and create friction in the materials, which will force you to put them back in place. This phenomenon is quite widespread, especially for wedding outfits, with most wedding suits having fitted pants.

We will then choose mid-high or mid-calf socks, which are worn with most pants and are generally the most common! If you have thin calves, you can opt for 100% natural socks (like linen socks or lisle thread socks).

Otherwise, if you have a weak calf, we advise you to opt for socks reinforced with polyamide and whose composition includes a little elastane, this soft and elastic material which guarantees good hold of the socks, particularly for older short.

The choice of materials for wedding socks

Once you have chosen the height of the socks, you then need to look for the suitable material. Indeed, depending on the time of year when the wedding takes place, it is important to select a comfortable material so that this day is perfect and unforgettable, even in terms of comfort.

Pure lisle thread, or mercerized cotton thread, is the most versatile material. Fine and elegant, pure lisle socks can be worn all year round. In addition to being worn with all shoes, these wedding socks offer a wide range of colors, from the brightest to the most sober shades, always very elegant and ideal for dressy outfits. They are particularly suitable for pairing with accessories such as a silk tie (silk itself being slightly shiny).

If the wedding takes place in the warm season, it is better to choose lightweight and breathable socks so as not to add a pair of heavy socks to your entire outfit. Marriage is a big step in life, all the more reason to make your steps down the aisle as light as possible!

So, for warmer weather, linen socks are ideal. This exceptional plant material has properties that are very popular in summer, notably its lightness and the fact that it is very breathable and airy. These socks allow air to pass through more easily. In addition, linen is a material that appreciates water, which allows it to soften with humidity (and therefore, over time), but also to dry quickly! This ensures you don't end the day with wet feet.

Finally, linen is a more textured material, with a slightly mottled appearance in places, which gives it more character than a classic pair of lisle thread. This allows you to stay formal with a dark pair, or on the contrary look for a casual style with a light and textured pair! It is also the perfect material to pair with summer suits, which often include linen in their composition.

How to match your wedding socks to your outfit?

Selecting a pair of wedding socks finally ends with matching the outfit. This choice is made mainly according to the level of formality sought. Socks are classic accessories in an outfit but, if you wish, it is entirely possible to make them a strong piece of your ensemble.

Match your socks with your pants and shoes
Matching socks with pants is a classic choice that allows you to remain sober in all circumstances. Furthermore, if you tend to wear your pants short, this combination allows you to “lengthen the leg” to a certain extent. You can also match your socks with your shoes.

However, you have to be careful! Choosing a slightly different shade (lighter or darker) can, in the case of weddings with strict dress codes, be seen as a mistake.

Otherwise, you can opt for the pairing of socks and shoes. Generally, this assortment will have the effect of making the color of your socks stand out more because the contrasts will be more marked with the rest of your outfit. This choice is original, but is no less elegant! Be careful not to have too many colors and patterns in your outfit and therefore only opt for this option if you do not already have a colored tie or bow tie.

The pairing with patterned socks

If, on the other hand, you prefer pairs of wedding socks that stand out from a classic pair, the patterns are made for you! We offer several different types of patterns so that you can create very varied outfits.

Vanised socks with contrasting ribbing are very popular with connoisseurs. In fact, they sometimes allow you to combine socks with both pants and shoes or with another accessory to your outfit such as a tie or a bow tie.

This is also an opportunity to introduce lighter colors into your outfit while simultaneously recalling the main color you are looking for. Vertical stripes are a very elegant pattern that is reminiscent of similar sartorial patterns.

If you prefer discretion, the caviar pattern is for you. This pattern combines two colors of thread with finesse to create a set of very tight stitches. The result is a sober pattern that appears as a single melted color from a distance, and which reveals its subtlety when you get closer. This sublime pattern is ideal for wearing an original and unostentatious pair in your outfit.

Other patterns (polka dots, houndstooth, chevrons, etc.) are more visible. If you want to make wedding socks a “strong” accessory in your outfit, choose a pair with these patterns.

The most daring, who like to combine sober wedding outfits with fancy accessories, can opt for plain colored socks with a sober wedding outfit, also plain. This will have the effect of making the socks stand out, but in a certain sobriety thanks to the absence of too fancy patterns.

So, have you found your ideal wedding socks?

In summary, there are no real strict rules to follow when choosing your wedding socks. It's always a good idea to have a simple pair of socks for a ceremony, and a more original pair for an evening. We must therefore only ensure that we respect one real constraint: do not overload the outfit with colors and patterns!

Generally, three main colors in a wedding outfit are more than enough. Likewise, don't choose a pair of patterned socks if you already have at least two on the rest of the outfit.

Finally, once you have chosen the pair, do not hesitate to wear it for a few hours to get used to it. You can then only be comfortable when the day comes!

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