Who is controlling President Macron? The investigation of Le Canard Enchaîné

Dessin paru en une du Canard Enchainé. Merci à Lefred-Thouron de son aimable autorisation de diffuser ce dessin dans le cadre de cet édito..

Comic :

“The president urges the French to turn down the heating to 19°C…”

“Well, he’s clearly working for the wool socks lobby!!”

Cartoon by F. Thouron in le Canard Enchaîné.

Dear friends, dear customers,

Whenever asked about who is really behind the actions of the government, we had managed to keep a low profile and be discreet… Until last week, when the clever investigators from le Canard Enchaîné (see cartoon above) revealed our secret to the general public! The orders to keep the heating to 19°C indoors, that’s us! The energy sobriety, that’s also us! We are the lobby of the woollen socks!

As you can see, we were very amused by the above cartoon, and wanted to share it with you in this newsletter.

On a more serious note, King Louis XIV (who wasn’t known for his sobriety, of all things), never managed to keep his bedroom or the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles above 14°C during winter. Back in the days, clothes were used instead of heating but, since then, with the arrival of properly heated interiors, layering warm clothes has become obsolete. In his legendary book Le Chic Anglais, James Darwen blamed the death of the suit on the triumph of central heating. Thus, in a world where indoor temperatures must drop again during winter, the comeback of warmer loungewear will be of great help!

To quote late President Giscard who said once "we have no fuel, but we have ideas", at MCR we would like to say “we don’t have gas, but we do have woollen socks” .In a nutshell, before re-insulating your house and turning on the gas, consider trying a pair of socks in wool… Or even slippers!

Have a lovely autumn!

Jacques and Vincent