How to match your socks to your pants or shoes?

Match your socks to your pants or shoes? Discover the best tips for staying chic!

Matching your socks to your pants and shoes is trendy and easy when you know the basic rules.

1/ Classic and sober school: match your socks to your shoes or pants

It’s possible and easy! The easiest way is to match with shoes. When your shoes are black, you take your black socks. Brown shoes? You take out your pair of brown socks.

Generally speaking, matching your socks to your pants lengthens the leg. Matching with pants is almost as easy and just as correct. Gray flannel pants go very well with gray socks, jeans with indigo blue socks. Matching your socks to your shoes enhances the shoes and avoids bad taste. Both effects are therefore possible!

Here, the knee-highs are the same color as the shoes, which highlights them.

You don't take a lot of risk, but, as the financiers say, “low risk, low return”. With this technique, you will never make a flash, you will be elegant and chic in complete sobriety.

2/ The school of boldness and the marriage of colors

You prefer to match colors that go well together, rather than submitting to the diktat of black and brown socks. If everyone was from the first school, black and brown socks would make up 90% of the socks.

The idea is to put together different colors that go well together. With mahogany brown shoes, green socks and gray pants can go wonderfully. This helps create an elegant look with a touch of originality.

To avoid overly multiplying the number of colors on your outfit, the color of the socks can be a discreet reminder of a color in your outfit: tie, cufflink, shirt, belt, jacket, etc.

Some people like very strong color contrasts. With a black tuxedo, wear red socks. The idea will be to draw attention to a specific point of the outfit, in this case the socks. Everyone remembers François Fillon welcoming Medvedev in a black tuxedo and red socks.

3/ The school of compromise: the daring in-between

Halfway between these two schools, there is a third way: that of compromise. Two-tone socks, for example, make it possible to satisfy both shoes and pants. Let's say you have blue pants and brown shoes, which is not completely out of the ordinary, you can put on some beautiful brown and blue vanisé socks from Bresciani.

Another tip is to take a transition color between two colors. For example, with blue pants (primary color) and brown shoes (made up of a majority of red), you can wear a color that mixes blue and red, namely purple which can be more or less blue or more or less less red.

Costume socks: a chic and refined accessory

Although the choice of socks does not depend on this, it is particularly with your costumes that it is essential to master the art of matching your socks! To do this, choose a pair of knee-high socks (high socks) or mid-calf socks (short socks), the ultimate costume socks.

We offer plain or patterned pairs, depending on the desired effect. Choose to wear beautiful striped knee-high socks (also available as striped mid-calf socks ) to highlight another piece or to express your good taste... The most daring will choose a more marked pattern, like with these foot socks -de-poule , where others will prefer the discretion of a pair of caviar knee-highs .

The wide variety of patterns and colors allows you thousands of different combinations to create outfits that are always unique and more elegant.

As for materials, we offer a multitude of them in order to have men's socks for each season according to style and comfort constraints.

Costume socks in pure lisle yarn can be worn all year round. If your pant legs are quite loose, opt for lisle thread knee-highs . If you prefer them fitted, choose mid- calf lisle socks instead. Being neither too thin nor too thick, they can be worn in summer as well as in winter (provided you have the appropriate pants).

The Super-Solid range, which is available in knee-highs or super-solid socks , slightly thicker, ensures you spend the year in the most durable socks in the world.

For the warmer seasons, we offer linen and cotton socks , like our casual socks . These pairs of lightweight socks are ideal to match in summer, as they are breathable and wick away moisture very well!

During the winter period, choose our thin or thick suit socks made from wool, cashmere and silk. These warm socks are exceptionally soft, especially the cashmere socks (available in high cashmere socks ).

So, you have finally mastered the codes to elegantly combine your socks with your outfits thanks to our range of unique sock colors and textures.

For the more discerning among you, use the Wikipedia list of colors to make a seamless association!

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