The consequences of abstention, the analysis of Mes Chaussettes Rouges - Editorial of the June 2021 mailing

Dear friends, dear customers,
People without noise are dangerous;
It is not so with others.
- Jean de La Fontaine -

Wrongly of course, in our last emails we have somewhat neglected our source of inspiration, namely La Fontaine. So here it is again with this extract from Torrent and the River . Children are afraid of the dark, we fear your silence, which in terms of customer relations is not gold, but lead. It makes us continue products that could be improved and stop others that satisfy you.
No offense to the champions of big data , data does not tell everything. When a customer who ordered seven pairs of super-solids no longer shows any sign of life for two years, three interpretations are possible:
  • He is disappointed and expects an apology rather than reminders;
  • The pairs hold so well that he is still perfectly equipped;
  • He passed the weapon to the left.
Recognize that these three situations call for different responses. In the book The Anomaly by Hervé Le Tellier, we find this amusing sentence: “ when the batteries in the remote control are getting weak, we press the buttons harder” . Poor root cause analysis generates inappropriate responses. Tell us which batteries to change: if you have been disappointed with a product or range, interested by a color, annoyed by customs hassles, excited by our packaging, impatient with a delivery that takes too long or simply satisfied !

Concretely, don’t refrain from telling us:
1/ what you liked most about us;
2/ and what you liked the least;
3/ or simply one of the two.

We wish you an excellent summer!
Jacques & Vincent
PS : you didn't expect us to talk about politics here?
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